Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices

Can you use Zensys with the Homeseer stick? If I can also use it to map my network the value is significantly greater.

I don’t think so, I think all it does is OTA firmware updates. It’s really designed for Homeseer customers and they already have their own mapping utilities in their main controller. But I could be wrong, you could ask them.

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I just contacted Levition level 2 support today about updating the firmware in my DZPD3-2BW, R51-DZ6HD-1RZ and DZPA1-2BW devices. They gave me a support ticket number so I am in limbo.

I hope they send me a USB Z-stick with the 1.2 version of the firmware.

I had contacted Homeseer about their firmware update kit because their included firmware includes DZ6HD-1BZ but NOT specifically R51-DZ6HD-1RZ.

Homeseer rep replied - “I am not able to discern a difference between these two models, and do not have the changelog for that firmware. I recommend reaching out to Leviton support for whether that firmware will work”

The model number is the middle part: DZ6HD. The prefix and suffix just have to do with the packaging that it is sold in. So it should be the same device with the same firmware. ( at one point Leviton made a special line of suffixes just for Home Depot so they could tell when someone was trying to return a device which had been purchased elsewhere.) They also use special suffixes for contractor packaging and to indicate which color faceplates are in the box:

X has White, Ivory and Almond colors
Z has White, Ivory and Light Almond colors

But as far as the firmware goes, my understanding is the same as the homeseer representative’s: it’s only the model number that matters. But Leviton should be able to confirm that. :sunglasses:



Thanks for the info - much appreciated!
I went on and ordered the HomeSeer firmware update kit (since they only had one left in stock) in case Leviton takes a while to respond. I can use it for four plug-in dimmer/switches even if it won’t work with the wall dimmers.

The Levition support rep said they might send a USB stick OR send me new devices.

I’d rather just update the firmware instead of replacing wall switches - they are rather large and for one of them I had to replace the electric box in the wall with a deeper one so I could cram the wires and wire nuts into it.


I just want Jasco to fix the two issues that exist:

  1. The instant jump in brightness to a set level command that is now default on all dimmers and the later end of the 12724 line.

  2. The broken ‘never lit’ option for the LED on all of their fan controllers.


This one is super annoying. Not only does it not support never lit, it doesn’t even support parameter #3 that their other switches do that allow you to set the mode of the indicator light over the network.


Jasco’s reasoning was weak, their excuse was “well how would people see the speed changes then?”

They could have had two options:

  1. Completely 100% honor the “never lit” even through speed changes.
  2. Honor the never lit EXCEPT when the speed is changing, then go back to “never lit”.

I would have been completely okay with either option.


Exactly. This is what I assumed it would be when I upgraded to the Z-Wave Plus model from the older Z-Wave one (which at least honored parameter #3 for on when off or on when on).

Better yet, they could have added a fourth option to parameter #3 to support both of your describes behaviors.
0 = LED on when off
1 = LED on when on
2 = never
3 = never except when changing speed


There’s actually a Jasco employee somewhere on this forum, I forgot his name…

I got a response from Leviton regarding firmware updates:

We can send you a Z-Sticker Loaner to update your devices.

We will also provide you a return label, once your devices are updated please return the Z-Sticker Loaner.

Pretty quick response.


I haven’t gotten the Leviton update Z-stick yet but I did get the HomeSeer Z-Flash firmware update kit. It was a pain trying to set it up as a secondary controller for Smartthings, but I finally managed it (HomeSeer support was NO help).

In the ST Classic app I clicked the Plus to add devices and then clicked “Add to / Remove from Existing System” in the HomeSeer program and the Z-wave controller device was added (see 2nd image).

I updated the firmware in 6 Leviton devices to version 1.20, did a Z-Wave network repair and reset the Hub using the reset button on the back and also by disconnecting the power (and removing the batteries).

However, even though the HomeSeer flash program says the devices are ver 1.20, when I check them in the Groovy IDE, they still show the older (original) version in the raw description
e.g. zw:L type:1101 mfr:001D prod:3501 model:0001 ver:1.13 zwv:4.33 lib:03 cc:5E,85,59,86,72,70,5A,73,26,20,27,2C,2B,7A ccOut:82 role:05 ff:8600 ui:8600

Has anyone else experienced the same scenario?

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Once a device is joined, the IDE won’t ever update any of the info. I experienced this when doing a Z-Wave replace of a bunch of devices to newer Z-Wave plus counterparts. You can use Z-Wave tweaker to verify the firmware from ST if you like. Whether this is just a display bug, or if there are any actual repercussions for not having the most recent device info, I have no idea and ST is silent on the issue.


But, what is a Z-wave tweaker?


Thanks again!
BTW - I just figured out how to quote a post in my reply :thinking:

I excluded a Leviton plug-in relay and the added it back in and, sure enough, now it shows ver 1.20.
Don’t really want to do that for the others because all my Smart Lighting and Alexa routines would have to be fixed.
Oh well…

You don’t need to do anything. The firmware sounds like it got updated.


Does anyone know what is the cheapest the HomeSeer zflash kit got to? Right now it’s $39.99, seems rather expensive for just a stick used to upgrade the firmware.

In November 2018 I paid $34.98 plus $4.50 shipping for a total of $39.48.

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