Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices

Oh, ok, that is much better then, more in line with what I’m suggesting…

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Are there known issues that newer firmware will fix on these devices? It seems there’s an avid interest but is this a case of ‘I must have the latest’ or is there something specific people are looking to get fixed/improved? Is there a list of what’s updated/fixed in these firmware updates?

I ask because most of my issues seems to be ST platform related, not the fault of the device but I could be wrong.


Please include Update for Aeon Wallmote

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Yes, there are known issues with Leviton switches dropping off the network and not reporting status incorrectly, especially bad in 3-way configurations. There are also know issues for inovelli switches and they have released firmware for these issues.


Leviton, GE, and Aeotec all had early issues with their 2017 Z wave plus devices which were corrected with firmware updates. (with GE, for example, double tap didn’t work in the first firmware generation.) Inovelli also added more features with a firmware update.


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aeotec nano’s i just installed didn’t work correctly at all until i updated with the latest firmware. They seem very willing to work with consumers and have some nice products so OTA would be awesome instead of carrying around a z stick and adding removing like 6 times, especially for in electrical box units.


Please link to these updates for the Leviton Z-Wave plus dimmers/switches, because I cannot find anything other then updates to their WiFi versions.

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I’m not aware of any link. Leviton support told me that there had been a firmware update but that it was only available through their professional installer channel. I don’t know any more than that.

Well that is an issue if there is no way to get this update. Yet they sell these switches in a retail store but do not provide any support.

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Off topic, but for the love of all things, can you make a “backup/restore” hub configuration capibility. With the depth and complexity of my hardware, and the insanely deep automations I’m running with WebCoRE, if my hub went down, I think I’d tear my house down rather than get a new hub and start over.

There is no “major” item that I think is more important/beneficial feature to ALL ST users universally.


any update on this?

I don’t mind paying $50 to get the homeseer stick.
But I’m not sure where I would get the firmware files for the Leviton DZ6HD switches.
Is there just no way at all to update the DZ6HD firmwares?

Please insert Fibaro double switch
FGS 223


It seems to me that a lot of people need this, myself included. Is there any indication as to how close (knowing that dates change) support is to adding this function in a future release?

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Please just add all the Fibaro devices honestly having issues with the Fibaro RGBW controller and tried everything from re-coding the handler to opening up the device and seeing if I can dump the firmware onto the memory.

Fibaro devices

Aeotec Siren

Fibaro please :slight_smile: some news about firmware upgrade feature ?

Had so many of the Leviton dimmers doing the odd “not shutting off with the down paddle but have to use the dimmer down button” as well as not reporting “off” at times, I broke down and got a Homeseer SmartStick+. Had some difficulty with adding it with a correct DTH (my fault), but I did manage to update 2 dimmers and 4 switches on 1.20 code last night. Going to see if I can get all my Z-Wave up to date and report my results.


This is very interesting. I would like to learn more. I’ve not been able to get any firmware updates from Leviton. How were you able to get it from them? I have the same issues with them dropping off line, not showing status properly and having to use the dimmer lever to turn lights off.