Support for Sense and Sleeping Pills by Hello Inc

Any plans for this? I’d like to take advantage of the data it collects: temperature, humidity, light level and noise level, plus sleep patterns obviously.

That’d be nice. I have one, too.

Same here! Would also like to see it integrated but I don’t know that they have an API…yet.

The sleep patterns aren’t accurate at all.

I have been very disappointed with my Sense. The hardware makes sense but its very inaccurate. On top of that my Sense Hub started flipping out a week ago.

I started to hack some things together but I think I’m going to opt for the new Samsung solution (native ST support!) Instead

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What is the new Samsung solution?

I mainly use my Sense for monitoring room conditions and not the sleep analysis.

I guess repurposing this expensive $129 gadget as a temp/climate/sound sensor makes sense.

Haha. Well, at least it’s good for SOMETHING, right? :smile:

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I love the Hello Sleep Sense. I confirm: no api means no oauth.

I had a few minutes of free time and threw together a quick Device Handler for the Sense to just pull Temp/Humidity/Light. It’d be trivial to pull the particulates but there isnt a clean capability mapping for that within ST.

To configure, create the device handler with this code, then create a device with this handler type, add in your email/password for Hello Sense in the device, and you should be off to the races.

The code could stand to be cleaned up, but will work for now. Let me know what you think.

PS. Shoutout to @MD87_ / Chris Smith – for his sleuth work here

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This worked great @fgorodishter. Thanks for the work! Here’s a screenshot in the app: