Support for CASAConnect Thermostats

Many of ST users live in condos, a very large market in North America. Most condos are baseboard electrically heated. NEST and Honeywell etc do not make a thermostats for us, but finally a Canadian developers has called CASAConnect. It would be great and smart if ST got in touch and supported this thermostat!

Hi @scorpionbc,

Just to let you know, I’ve tried to approach CASAConnect many times to develop the required ST integration (just like I did for ecobee), and they have not responded so far. They have not released any plans for APIs which are the foundation for any integration with them.

So, my bet is now on Sinope which sells their thermostats thru Reno Depot all over Canada. See their website:

I’ve been in regular contact with Sinope since this Spring, and they are supposed to release their APIs in October. See this thread for more details:


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Any luck here? I have emailed Casa now that IFTTT is charging a monthly fee.