Sunset time is way off

Google tells me sunset today (in the Seattle area) is 7:11pm. Sounds plausible.

The SmartThings IDE tells me sunset is at 8:31pm. Totally implausible.

I plugged the lat/long reported by the SmartThings IDE and it lines up with my house.

I would have to be significantly farther north of here to have a sunset time of 8:31pm. The IDE reports the correct timezone (America/Los_Angeles). What is going on?

Thanks … Mike

I believe Sunrise and Sunset are only calculated once each day.

Did you recently change your Location settings?

Mine is correct: 7:10pm.

No, I have made no changes to my location.

What started this was some lights failed to turn on as expected at sunset-90, and I assumed it was because the sunset time is wrong in the IDE (I haven’t found where to check it in the app).

However, I then realized that some other lights did turn on as expected at sunset-75. The difference being that I had reconfigured the Smart Lighting automation for the failing lights, from a fixed time (6pm) to a relative time, while the working lights were already configured for a relative time.

I’m pretty sure this is just the SmartLIghting app messing up the underlying data when I edited the existing automation (changing it from a fixed time of day to a time relative to sunset). I will have to delete those automations and re-create them (good thing I kept notes on what settings to use).

Thanks for the response.