Smartthings Hub DST sunset broken

Just noticed all my lights came on today hours before they were supposed to. Checked IDE and the sunrise is correct but the sunset is off by a couple hours. Any suggestions?

The IDE is being phased out. The Sunrise and Sunset times listed in the IDE are being used for anything.

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Where can I find sunrise and sunset times as used by the routines?

The question of where to find the information is a separate one, but the fact that some Routines didn’t run correctly today is now a known issue with the platform.

Smart Lighting routines disappeared (12 March 2023)

I’m still having lights come on well before they are supposed to. I have a smart lighting routine that is set to come on 50 minutes before sunset. Today the lights came on at 17:08 EDT. Sunset is at 19:34 EDT where I live. What can I try to resolve this issue?

I would suggest using Routines instead of Smart lighting. Sunset and sunrise work well in Routines and have been problematic in Smart lighting.

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Echo this. I’m using Routines and no issue with sunset/sunrise