Sunrise/Sunset Times Incorrect

Hi all,

Sorry for what looks like a duplicate post. I’ve searched around and there has been discussion of my problem, but all the solutions I have been able to find seem to refer to the defunct Classic app.

I have numerous lighting automations that call for lights to come on at sunset. However, I’ve noticed that timing of the automations is becoming more inaccurate each day. When I look in IDE, I see the following times for sunset/sunrise.:

Time Zone America/New_York
Sunrise 7:21 AM
Sunset 4:35 PM

I’ve seen in other threads that changing the geolocation to something different and then changing it back can solve the problem. When I change the location to LA and I get this:

Time Zone America/Los_Angeles
Sunrise 4:21 AM
Sunset 1:35 PM

Obviously, we’re a little off here :slight_smile: When I change the location back to my actual location, the sunrise/sunset times revert to 7:21 AM/4:35 PM.

If anyone has any suggestions here it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Where can you see that btw?

do you have Smart Lighting installed? if not, install it and create a smart lighting rule that uses sunset/sunrise. it may need to run once before it properly adjusts to the correct time. so allow 24 hours and check the time.

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IDE > locations > click on location name

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Holy crap - that worked! I did not have Smart Lighting installed. I followed your instructions and now I have this in IDE

Time Zone America/New_York
Sunrise 6:47 AM
Sunset 5:39 PM

Thanks so much!


those times are still slightly off but they should be better in 24 hours if you created a smart lighting rule :slight_smile:

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