Sunrise / Sunset - orignal app works

For whatever it’s worth, the “Sunset” actions have now completely stopped working for me with the new app (last four days in a row). I went back to the “Sunrise/Sunset” app in the Mode Magic section - I’m not sure what’s different in the new implementation, but the “original” app worked fine for me for two months or so (basically since I first set it up). Maybe I was just lucky.

Sorry to hear Steve. I have pretty much given up on apps as I need (reliable) presence detection for basic functionality.

Opening my garage door is the only thing that still excites me.

@stevesell not just you. All my sunrise/sunset actions have stopped working a few days ago. I had to change my lights to turn on/off based on a schedule instead. That works reliably, but it’s not a great solution, since it does not accommodate for the drift in sunrise and sunset times over the year.

This made me laugh and sad all the same time

Opening my garage door is the only thing that still excites me.

But yeah, I hear you. Without reliable presence detection, SmartThings becomes an obstacle rather than an aid. I still have one last dim ember of hope… @urman mentioned in a support ticket I opened that they “know what the issue is” - I don’t know if that means they know how to fix it. This feature sets them apart - i wish I felt the urgency.

I hear ya. I’m not giving up on SmartThings (yet) but I am disappointed.

It’s not just mobile presence but other issues as well. Signal interference, random app functionality, etc…

All well documented. I’m still holding out hope. I’m not buying additional devices though.

I got fed up with this not working and implemented an algorithm to compute sunset and sunrise times in groovy, without needing to depend on Wunderground or some other webservice. I added this to a SmartApp that is based on the Porchlight app:

Feel free to reuse the relevant code. The algorithm is based on computing the sun’s declination and hour angle at the specified location (latitude and longitude), on any given day of the year. Here is a detailed description of said algorithm:

Thanks for the code @FlorianZ . The existing Sunrise/Sunset app was inconsistent as others have noted in this thread. I implemented your code and things seem to be running consistently (at least for a few days). I think the ZVirtualscenes server I am slowly migrating away from uses the same method to calculate Sunset/Sunrise.