New Action set to act at sunset didn't

I made an action to turn out some outside lights at sunset (using the actions in the new app), and it failed to activate. I had previously written my own app to do this.

Should this be working?

@stevesell – Yes, it should be working. Please send an email to with the details and someone can look into it.


@stevesell, @dlieberman: I have been having issues with the sunset/sunrise SmartApps not working properly in the past few days. I converted these apps to actions, last night and the lights turned off with sunrise, as expected. I noticed that has been flaky the past few days, as well, so I am assuming that the HTTP request time out, and the apps don’t work properly. Maybe falling back to a different service, if times out would work here?

@florianz – Yeah, we’ve seen some flakiness there as well. We’re actively working on replacing the external call to Weather Underground for sunrise/sunset and start calculating that locally so we don’t have to rely on any external service, but we’ll still use Weather Underground for gathering other weather-related data.

@dlieberman: That sounds like a great plan. Thank you!!!

FWIW, I converted my hand-made SmartApp to turn on my outside lights at sunset and off at sunrise to Actions. Last night they missed the sunset action, but this morning and this evening, they worked as expected.

Maybe it was a startup fluke.


@stevesell, @dlieberman: Just to add a bit more state here. The sunset and sunrise actions have been working for me, for the past few days. This morning, however, they started failing again, and my actions did not trigger on sunrise :frowning:

Yep - tonight my sunset actions did not fire.

I know this is old, but I am having this issue after installing a new GE switch for my outside lights. Is anyone still experiencing these issues? Does ST still rely on 3rd party for this data?

Again I know this is an old topic but I am having issues setting up new actions to turn on or off at sunset sunrise. When I toggle the switch and click done I am getting an error that says invalid time selected. Contact support for help. Not sure why it is not working. It was working for one of my actions but creating a new one is not.