Feature Request: Thermostat control on dashboard


I would like to have my thermostat directly accessible from the dashboard, much like switches and dimmers are now. Having to go into the “Things” menu to adjust my thermostat by 1 degree doesn’t seem like the most elegant process.

(Ben Edwards) #2

There is an entire “Comfort Dashboard” that we plan to roll out that will allow exactly this. I am rummaging around for an old wireframe of this to post.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #3

Yes, I’ve been waiting for this since the rollout of the dashboard in the app. Can’t wait!

(Bigpunk6) #4

Any update on this. I was hoping it would be in v2 app.


I was hoping for this, too. This is probably my biggest usability issue with SmartThings.

(Fast, Good, Cheap...pick two.) #6

I totally agree with this one!

(Andrew) #7

This is still a big problem in Feb 2016. I can’t believe they haven’t offered an easier way to quickly adjust the temperature. I just bought a Honeywell Z Wave thermostat and I am very disappointed in the thermostat interface. It’s nearly impossible to change the temp by 1 or 2 degrees with the slider layout.