Suggestions needed - Harmony Hub as portable AC controller

I recently bought another Harmony Smart Control hub since I found out it can control my Honeywell portable AC. I was uncertain as to whether or not the Remotec ZXT-120 would work for my needs and I knew I could use the Harmony hub for other things too. Anyway, I have the activity set up to control the AC and it works well. However, I’d like to automate the AC power using a temperature sensor. So, for example, if the room temp hits 75, turn the AC on. Once the room temp hits 72, turn the AC off.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be directly possible in the Harmony Triggers SmartApp, as there is no temperature trigger. Thoughts on how to accomplish this? There is a “Switch On” option in Harmony SmartTriggers so I was thinking maybe I could create a virtual switch and have a rule turn it on when the temperature hits 75 (which would trigger the AC through Harmony) and off when it hits 73 (turning the AC off).

I would think that setting up Harmony routines to turn on a/c, turn off A/C. Then a virtual switch in ST to trigger the respective routine. Have your temp sensor trigger the virtual switch .

Of course I am basing that entirely off how I controlled my Entertainment center through ST and Echo before the direct integration.

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Thanks! I was thinking something similar might work.