Anyone controlling a Portable AC unit with SmartThings?

I am a newbie so please forgive me if there is a solution already available. I have a portable Honeywell AirConditioner. Not a window unit but a floor model that can be taken from room to room.
It can’t be turned on by just turning an outlet on, it has to be turned on either with the remote or on the front panel of the machine. Any ideas on being able to get SmartThings to be able to control the remote or interface somehow?
Thanks in advance.

In theory, something like this could work:

There was some discussion on ST integration, not sure where that is at the moment. Been thinking about getting one to control my office AC.

However, I just am not sure if that is worth the expense at this point compared to upgrading to a full wall unit with outside compressor to eliminate the noise in the room.

the zxt-120 might work. I have 5 of them controlling my split AC systems.

This thread starts off not working buy I eventually got it working well.

I don’t have the device code working for learning mode but they have a lot of built in codes.
What brand is the AC ?

Hi Ron,

It’s a Honeywell MM14CCS.

Unfortunately they don’t list any Honeywell codes. Perhaps another companies codes would work but hard to say. Expensive devices to try.

Thanks for the info Ron.

that remotec unit is kind of pricey. I paid less than that for one of my harmony hubs on ebay.