Suggestions for vanity lights

I have a several places in my house where the original owners used these weird “puck” lights. See attached pics. Anyone have suggestions for lights to replace them (preferably with adjustable color temp, color would be ok too but not really necessary for us). The existing lights are about 2.5 inches in diameter.

This thread might be helpful

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Very helpful! Thanks!

Ideally they would have adjustable color temp. Any ideas there?

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Not sure if you’re going to find something smart in that form factor that allows for adjustable color temp through SmartThings. You could get dumb color temp adjustable puck lights and plug them into a smart plug/switch/relay though. You’d have smart on/off control but would need to use the supplied remote to adjust color temp. Something like this:

Even something in a different form factor would be fine as long as it looked good and covered the holes from the existing lights. Sylvania has a long “under cabinet” light in their lineup, but its cheap plastic stuff. Wouldn’t look right.

I think something like this…
Then I can use the Hue GU10 bulbs. Need to make sure it wouldn’t be visible sticking up from the top of the cabinet trim.

If you want to save a bit of money the Ikea Tradfri line includes GU10 bulbs, and they cost significantly less than HUE (pretty sure they’re $9.99 ea in the US). I don’t have any of the GU10 bulbs, but I’ve been really happy with my other Tradfri products.