Kitchen Under Cabinet Lights - Smart Color Temperature Puck Lights?

Hello All,

I’m looking into installing some smart under cabinet lights. Based on the short length of my cabinets, especially on the stove side, I thought that puck lights would be a better fit. However, I cannot find smart puck lights that can go warm / cool. Only warm. Ideally I’d like full color functionality. Are there any on the market?

Attached some photos of the kitchen. Should I just go with strips based on the functionality I’m looking for? Feels like a bit of a waste on the stove side.

I haven’t seen any puck lighting like you want (I’m looking too). Your space under those cabinets is tight for sure. You could go with strips, and if you can get creative with 90 degree turns, you could encircle the entire underneath part of the cabinet, OR just make a loop somehow instead?

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