Puck Cabinet Lights

Hey all! I am in the process of doing my kitchen reno and have just had wires run to install puck lights under my cabinets. I would love to find lights that are compatible with ST. I am a newbie for the most part. Are they are any puck lights that are set up to work with ST?

Which country are you in? The device options do vary somewhat.

There are a couple of options. Here’s one way:

If you happen to live in the UK, you can get the INNR lights that work with the hue bridge, but they aren’t available in the US.

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Thank you so much for your response! I appreciate the suggestion, but I am in the US. Any other ideas? :smile:

Did you look at the first link in my post? That’s for the US. They are dumb puck lights controlled by a Fibaro micro.

I would just get regular ones and put a z-wave relay or sonoff relay at the power supply. I haven’t messed with sonoff yet, but it’s all the rage… Since it’s cheap…