Suggestion for outdoor dimmer

I have two of the GE 14284 smart plug switches. These work great as switches but I am looking for something like this that has dimming capability for lighting in my gazebo. The LED lights have a grounded plug. Everything I see is indoor or not grounded. .

I could not find an outdoor dimmer @Tom_Guelker so I just used a standard Fibaro dimmer in a waterproof switch box next to the outdoor socket. Would make your smart switch redundant however.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have it working but it isn’t how I envisioned it. I used a Levition plug in dimmer with a 3 prong adapter where the load plugs in. The lights are not actually grounded but there is a grounded socket at the other end of the lights so the ground is just a pass through. As long as the dimmer doesn’t fail because of our temperature extremes this should work well enough.

I finally found one. It is grounded and is a dimmer.

I have it under the gazebo roof plugged into a GFI outlet, shielded from the precipitation. It was recognized easily as long as you start the inclusion process before plugging it in. I can dim down to 8%

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