Suggested change to app - reduce the size of the header

Although I’m all for some negative space every now and then (I supported graphics designers for 8+ years of my career…so they rubbed off on me!), I think there is a lot of wasted space at the top of the mobile apps. I think it could be compressed and still be very functional. I also think that the current mode should be added to the Dashboard. That is the point of a dashboard - to see everything in one place in a concise manner. I did a quick mockup of an example with a before and after - see below. I don’t necessarily like where it just says “mode:”, but I wanted to put something together as an example.

As you can see, I fit another row on the dashboard by just shrinking the header a bit without being detrimental to the overall look of the app.

Also, any time you have text over an image, you need to make sure that the text will be visible no matter what the color of the background is. So, I recommend that you place some shadows below the text so that it places a bit of a border around them so they would be visible against a light background or, and this is probably more common, a light section of the background.


Not a bad idea!!

I play a ton off of modes and would love to for the mode to be displayed on the main page! I’ve never thought about it before now but when i saw it I instantly wanted it! haha

Good idea!

I think being able to switch modes right from the top would be helpful. Perhaps adding an icon indicating you can click on the mode to change it.


Good thoughts. We have done the same exercises you are doing here. The reason it is so large at the moment is that there is other data that we want to display there - it just isn’t in yet.


Oh…I like more data… :smile:


More data = Happy Me!

And this!

I hope it’s not ads. :smile:


It is NOT ads. But since the topic is open. What would people like to see?

  1. Current mode and quick access to mode changes has been suggested
  2. We have thought about adding local weather conditions.
  3. Some sort of overall “status” or health - not sure yet

What else?

Definitely not ads. Here’s a peek of what we’re planning:

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@Tyler you’re the worst :slight_smile:

I’m putting my hub on ebay right now!

Most likely, I would just like the header to be smaller. Current mode is good (and the ability to change it). Current weather isn’t necessary. I have many places to get that information already and I would rather the ST app be used to make getting to ST things easier.

I agree with @Dianoga - simplicity is better at this point. Maybe in the future we add more things. I think this should be a “strip it down to basics” and then build it back up.

I would like having quick access to change modes. Instead of current weather, I think it would be useful to just display the current temp inside my home and maybe the HVAC setting.

+1 for current mode and quick mode switch


Agree, we can get weather elsewhere. HVAC would be more specific to home automation. Display the internal temperature (red when heating and blue when cooling) and when tapped bring up thermostat controls. This should be optional for those who don’t have thermostat control or something more critical to their needs.

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The issue with internal temp - which do you choose? I have two Nests and multiple ST multis.

Well, the easiest option would be to make it selectable. Or allow it to show 2-3 temperature readings somehow. I think most people would only need one.

I agree with Current Mode and Quick Mode change.

Yup… this. And while I haven’t seen the interface on an iPhone (app says it requires iOS 7 and I’m not goin’ there), things are too big (especially tiles) on my Moto X. Can’t imagine what they look like on a Note or HTC One. Of course, they’re gigantic on my Nexus 7’s… and PLEASE address the landscape issue.

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