Feature Suggestion: Current mode should be shown on Dashboard

I’m using the Android app.

So like the title says, the current mode should be shown on the dashboard when I open the app. It would also nice if I could just change it from right there on the dashboard (or execute an Action).

Also useful would the option of happing a persistent notification that show the current mode. On Android 4+ this persistent notification could also have buttons to change the mode or execute Hello/Home actions.


Great idea that would be great to see the current setting.

Last I heard the big banner at the top of the app is meant to display info to us. I think once they get that all sorted out the mode would be one of the things desplayed there. :smile:



Awesome Good to know that is on the list then :smile:

Why are so many obvious features missing the the SmartThings app ?

This is probably the 6th feature I was searching for in the app that seemed it “MUST” be in there somewhere. Only to learn from a search on the community that many others are asking for the same thing for quite some time but the feature still doesn’t exist.

It seems obvious to me that what Mode you are in is important info to display on the dashboard.

I plan to try to write a smart app which display’s current mode so I can at least place it on my things page. But I don’t think there is any way for me to add it to display on the dashboard. Bummer…

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I am right there with you all. As a new St user, I find it aggravating that the mode is not clearly displayed. Seems like a mode display in the Dashboard banner should have been there from the start. Has anyone figured out a way to display on a tile in Things?

I wonder if there is a programmatic way to change the image displayed in the banner…that could reflect mode.

Hmmm, it’s been almost 6 months and still nothing.

While I like my SmartThing hub, I have to admit that I find their your of the Android app to be somewhat underwhelming. Maybe Samsung has been keeping you busy porting everything to Tizen … :slight_smile:

Bump, looking for same thing.