Dashboard suggestion

(Jim) #1

I have been using the dashboard for a few weeks and I’m finding it a bit clunky. I think there are two changes that would really enhance the functionality

Allow collapsing of all sections instead of always forcing one to be semi expanded. This way I can see more sections at once win the quick info on each section.

Drop the up arrow down arrow expansion button and just do the full expansion when clicking on each section.

I think this would make navigation much easier/quicker

What do you guys think?


I had the same recommendation for the Android beta. I posted this in that forum:

“It would be nice, for me at least, if when the Dashboard was selected that none of the modules (Home & Family, Doors & Locks, etc) would automatically expand. I think it would have a nice clean look if everything was collapsed, and then the user could tap on what module they’d like to see more detail for.”

A few others agreed, and the forum moderator took this request to the developers. We haven’t seen a beta release since February 10th, but hopefully soon. Every time something has been released there have been changes and improvements.

(Iotdit) #3

I agree. The summaries are nice at this point. I am sure we will all find things to improve, but following the concept of a dashboard, show us the summary across categories and let us drill down as needed.

Also, the HUGE buttons and white space do not add value when they cause many things to be hidden. We don’t need to See them across the room… Especially in the switches, the second page is really the first page to drill down to…


(Bdjl2011) #4

In case anyone at ST is keeping count, I want to add my vote too for, by default, ALL dashboard modules are fully collapsed (or let us choose in Preferences… which I was completely shocked that this isn’t already in here) so that we can truly see, at a glance, all 5 modules within view on the screen.

(Mike Northrup) #5


(Hank) #6

I’d really like to be able to control light levels from the shortcut page.

(Realsol) #7

I would like to be able to control my Thermostat from the desktop. They should have an other tab that includes all of your devices since they know what they are creating wizards for them shouldn’t be hard. Every time they add to their ‘Compatible Items’ list here on the forum, they should add a new item to the ‘Other Tab’ and make it available on their next update.

But to have to set your thermostat from the ‘Actions’, Goodbye and I’m Back, rather then the Dashboard makes it confusing.

(Realsol) #8

Light schedules are nice but since my motion detector outside also reports how light it currently is, it would be nice if I could use that rather then schedules. I am sure I will be adjusting my schedule throughout the year as days get longer/shorter.


@realsol, I believe Comfort is a dashboard element on the horizon. You can see it before you log on to the app on your device. From what I understand you should be able to work with devices like Thermos. If you don’t log on, the demo shows a shortcut with the temperature and +/- buttons.

With regards to light schedules, I’ve done something similar based off of Sunrise/Sunset. Perhaps that would work for you as well?

(Realsol) #10
With regards to light schedules, I’ve done something similar based off of Sunrise/Sunset. Perhaps that would work for you as well?

Is this a shared app that I can see?


@realsol, I didn’t use an app, but instead created a new action in Hello Home. I am using the new Android beta, but I assume the current iOS app does something similar. If not, it soon will…

I created an action to turn on and to turn off my outside lights at sunrise/sunset by selecting what lights, and then under Additional Settings I selected “At sunrise or sunset”.

I also have an action that turns off certain inside lights and sets my thermos to a predetermined temp.

You can also specify when someone arrives, leaves, or at a specified time.

(Jim) #12

Back to the original suggestion - collapse all sections - can someone from Smartthings comment??

I see you can now order the lights and outlets shortcuts in the dashboard! Sweet! I didn’t see this listed in the release notes

(Dan) #13

I agree with the OP. The categories have a sales use for users unfamiliar with the system, but they are an extra step functionally. I would like a Dashboard that would simply list the status of each device without the accordion categories. At least I would like the option. Burrowing down into each category seems unnecessary. IMHO.