Suggested capability?

I’m hoping to build a device handler that reports the current capacity of a container (an oil tank, in gallons). I was looking through the existing device types and capabilities and nothing seems like a good fit. Would anyone have any thoughts as to how best to do this?


This is an older thread but it might have some answers to what you would like to do:

Thanks for the pointers, but I think I may have not properly described what I’m looking to do. I purchased one these gauges that reports current data back to a customer portal. I am looking to have pull the data off the portal to make it available for alerting (low oil level) and export out through an InfluxDB logger smartapp for long-term trending.

The sensing bit is already done, I just need to grab the values and make use of them. Is a device handler the right way to do this, or should I be looking at a smartapp?


Hi, I am not sure if this Succeeded to write a device handler parsing my arduino humidity and temperature webpage will help you but this is how I made a devicehandler that grabs data from a website I host on my NAS. The idea is that this device handler, instead of querying directly my Arduino board who performs the measurement, goes to a webpage where it access a MySQL database where my Arduino pushes the measurement.
Maybe you can find similarities with your use-case.