Suggest a siren with a battery backup?

Any suggestions or should i just try a few and see?

Did a search and the post are a few years old.

I just recently bought this (US plug):

Super loud, plugs in, battery backup and didn’t require a custom DTH. Worked out of the box. I still used my own DTH to experiment with it, but ST’s stock handler works just fine. Works in both mobile apps too.

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The Zooz z-wave siren is powered via 5v micro USB and has battery backup. The open box price on this one seems like a pretty good deal to me:

Thanks for the help!

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Check out the Utilitech Z-Wave Siren, runs on 4xD batteries and lasts many years with a selectable alarm volume upto 100db.
Also check out the Vision ZWave Siren with runs on 4xAA batteries :battery: with more features like adjustable auto shut off, Siren and Strobe mode and an adjustable alarm volume upto 105dB. While it works with the stock DTH for basic functionality you need a custom DTH to access advanced functionality.
Both have the ability to runs of an external power adapter.