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Maybe it’s new? I’m not finding anything when I search on that bar code. Do you have a link or a model number?

Yea, I’m not finding much info either. Perhaps it is new, or perhaps it’s a home depot exclusive.

Using the HD app I can scan the barcode, it comes up as "ECS LED Connected Dim A19 60W DL 2pk. Store Sku# 1000835497.

But I can’t even find that scu on their website.

Sorry. I guess me asking if it works with the smart things is something I won’t get an answer to. This product is quite obscure

It’s a good question anyway, I’m just sorry we can’t answer it yet! The GE Link bulbs work with both Wink and SmartThings, but they use the standard zigbee home automation profile. Then you get some bulbs which are also zigbee but use a proprietary format that can’t connect directly to anything else. So you just never know.

There’s a lot of engineering that goes into a light bulb and even more into a connected Bulb. It’s good to save money, but sometimes there are advantages to going up even just a few dollars per bulb in getting one that handles heat better or the connection itself. But the best thing is to have choices because it all depends on the exact use case. So I hope we find out more about these soon. :sunglasses:

We support directly connected WeMo bulbs. This one.

We’ll be taking another look at this device when we publish support for aggregate and composite devices in the next few months. This will allow us to truly support devices with multiple addressable outlets.


That is fantastic news Tyler!!

I appreciate you taking a second look at this device.:+1:t3:

Friends of Hue (reset capability).

When I upgraded to the new hub, I lost connectivity and it will not reset.

Tyler, does “directly connected” mean without the Wemo Link hub thingy? In other words, can I buy just the bulb? Sorry if that’s a silly question.

I’d really like to see a UPS with z-wave energy metering and switch. I’d like to be able to monitor the energy used by the UPS, and to be able to turn off the UPS when I’m away (and without it going to battery backup).

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Yes - you can pair a WeMo ZigBee bulb directly to the SmartThings Hub without using their Link adapter.

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With a directly connected Hue bulb, or with the bridge?

The friends of hue light string was directly connected.

You’ll need to send a reset command to the light strip so that it can join a new network. This is not something that our hub is capable of at this time.

Home Depot just started selling a $30 remote that can be used to reset Hue bulbs. Check it out here:

Hold the remote within 4 inches of the light strip wireless module and press and hold the 2nd and 4th buttons until the light strip flashes, turns off, then turns back on. It’ll then be able to pair to a new bridge or hub.


DLink DCS 5020 L

  1. Zuli Smartplugs
  2. Rachio Iro
  3. Petnet
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  1. Haven Smart Lock
  2. Switchmate

Racchio Iro has an IFTTT channel, as does SmartThings. I would think that would be pretty good for a typical sprinkler system where you don’t need instant response.

As far as any product still in pre-release, I don’t think there’s any way to know exactly what APIs or integration methods they’ll provide until they’re actually shipping, so no one can really say one way or another what integration might be possible on those.

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As others have posted… a simple, nice, low-profile, battery-operated switch.

I’m in the process of moving from Insteon over to SmartThings and the lack of nice battery-based switches is the biggest problem.

Currently I use these and they’re perfect. Duplicate please.



Hi! I currently use Canary cameras throughout my house and I wish they would integrate with SmartThings.

Use cases:

  • ST reads video, motion detection, air quality and temperature from Canary
  • Canary knows when to arm/disarm based on SmartThings occupancy
  • Canary receives additional motion detection alerts based on SmartThings motion sensors
  • ST alerts and send photo/video based on Canary motion
  • Both SmartThings and Canary get better at being a whole house alarm


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My experience with Rachio Iro is set it up once and forget it. I am not even sure why we need an integration with ST. Couple of months on it now and yet to ever fail. And my grass is greener. :wink:

Honeywell garage door system.