Updated List of Tested Things

(Ben Edwards) #1

Just wanted to drop a note for those who don’t follow such things that the list of devices that have been tested with SmartThings has been updated. We’ve added a second sort (by type) that can help with folks who want to see all the lock types, for example.


Keep in mind, that many more devices may work with your system but these are the ones we’ve had our hands on.



(Todd Wackford) #2

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle <<< me getting out my wallet!

Thanks Ben and Andrew :wink:


(Cory S) #3

Cool thanks.


Water Valve Shutoff FortrezZ FortrezZ

seems to be an invalid link.

(Ben Edwards) #4

Thanks Cory. Looks like FortrezZ changes their links. Updated now.

(Jeremy Salvador) #5

Thanks for this Ben! I’m looking forward to integrating my existing Zwave network with Smartthings.

By the way, is Smartthings compatible with the Aeotec Micro controllers? I installed several behind my existing switches and have been running them with a Zstick + server. I’d like to transition everything over to the Smartthings hub.


(Csader) #6

Interesting. I see the Everspring Open/Close sensor on the list. I had trouble with it when I first tried adding it to my hub, but I’ll give it a shot again.

(Chrisb) #7

Dang… I’m feeling left out here. I need to get an Avatar with a camera…

Anyway, unofficially I have the following devices running:

GE/Jasco 45606 - This is a discontinued product from what I can tell. It’s essentially what you’d get if a 45609 and a 45612 had a baby. :slight_smile: It’s a dimmer switch that DOES require neutral, and so should be able to handle LEDs (confirmed) and dimmable CFLs (never tried it). The easiest way to tell the difference between a 45606 and the 45612 is that the 45606 has wires coming out of it while the 45612 just has the screws and holes for you to put wires into.

Cooper Aspire RF9517 - This is a no load switch. That means it doesn’t directly control lights or anything else. It is intended to be paired with another Cooper Aspire switch to act as a sort of auxiliary switch in a three-way setup. However it does operate as a stand alone device in the SmartThings environment. It shows up as a “Z-wave Device” and can be turned on or off by the Hub. It also informs the hub when it is turned on or off manually. This makes it a good thing to use as a ‘triggering’ device. I have one setup and mounted on my daughters bed. When she hits the switch it triggers a SmartApp that runs a nightlight program.

(Csader) #8

To anyone who may also be interested in getting the Everspring SM103 (the one listed here) working with ST, you have to (at the time of this post) go into graph.api.smarthings.com and change the Device Type to the Aeon Door/Window Sensor. Otherwise, it will not work in many of the SmartApps designed for Open/Close sensors.

(Chrisb) #9

Something to unofficially add to the compatibility list:


I’m not exactly sure who makes it… the model number is ZW1P. I have four of them on my system and they working with SmartThings.

(Chrisb) #10

Just a quick note… I’m experiencing issues with my ZW1P devices right now so I may have been premature in saying they were compatible. Right now they are reporting opposite of this current state. They report as on when off, and say they are off when they are actually on.

Because of the IDE issues over the weekend I haven’t been able to really dig in and find out what’s going on. I’ll report back when I figure out what’s up. These are not behaving in this manner when I first put them in so I’m sure it’s just got be a glitch somewhere.

(Chrisb) #11

Okay, a quick diagnosis and the problem is corrected. These units are actually dimmer units. You can’t control the dimmer from the unit itself… no switch/slider for that. But once I changed the devices in the IDE they started working correctly.

(Andrew Urman) #12

@chrisb I smell an unofficial compatibility list in the making!

(Chrisb) #13

That would be a lot easier to do if I had any idea who made these things!! :slight_smile: I got them from an eBay auction for around $20 each.

The nice thing about them vs. many of the other plug in modules I’ve seen is that they DON’T have the third prong… the ground prong. Most of my outlets on the second floor of my house don’t have ground lines so it’s nice to have a unit that doesn’t require an adapter.

In hindsight I wish I’d picked up more of them, but I was a little wary of them not being on the official list and didn’t want to be out too much money if they ended up not working.

(Varun) #14

Do you think you could add the date of the update to the file itself? Much obliged!

(James Van Booven) #15

What about Cooper Aspire dimmers, such as the RF9540-N series? According to this post on SmartThings’ FaceBook page in April, Cooper Aspire in-wall switches and dimmers work with SmartThings right out of the box, but they aren’t listed on the compatibility list. That makes me worried that maybe they don’t fully work, or that issues were found after that post was written.

The lack of an up-to-date compatibility list makes me nervous about buying a SmartThings hub or any devices, because the devices I want aren’t listed as compatible. I research things before I buy them, but I’m probably not the only one who’s holding off on purchasing anything because the compatibility list doesn’t seem to be maintained.

Seems like the preliminary list of compatible devices was published a long time ago with an assertion that “We will publish a ‘safe list’ of devices that we guarantee full support for on the main SmartThings website in the coming weeks”, but nothing has materialized from that.

(Mrtripp1117) #16

Another unofficial add to the list,

I have a Centralite 4256050-Rzhac Appliance module working over zigbee.

(Bform) #17

Any idea of these garage door tilt sensors would work? http://www.staples.com/Ecolink-Wireless-Garage-Door-Tilt-Sensor-White/product_278640#revs_content They mention z-wave in the model number. Staples seems to have other z-wave equipment for sale as well.

(Chrisb) #18


Andrew Urman (@urman) has said before that any Z-wave product should be compatible with SmartThings. It may not always work out of the box, but Andrew did say that if you have a z-wave that isn’t working you can send it to them and they’ll “type” it (create the Device Type code) to make it work.

You’ll want to check with him probably before investing a lot of money in products of course. And there’s no certainty how soon they’ll be able to tackled it too.

(Darryl) #19

Let me know how testing goes. I’d love to switch my garage to this instead of a standard door sensor! :slight_smile:

(Andrew Urman) #20

@bform Ordered it from Staples. We should have something in a week or so.