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I know this is an old request, but I’d love to see OpenSprinkler integration.

Are Homeeasy lighting modules from Byron compatible


Can we have Belkin WEMO in the UK please? I mistakenly thought it was available when I bought the hub.


I believe Canary is a closed system by design that does not support an API for third parties like ST to hook into.

Here are a couple of items I would like to see support for:
• August Door Lock
• Ring Doorbell
• Nest Thermostat
• Rachio Iro Irrigation controller
• FOSCAM web camera


I connect my Rachio to SmartThings with IFTTT. Works perfectly. Tip: Add a virtual switch, it’s easy.

(Actually I forgot, you don’t even need the virtual switch unless you want to show Rachio status in ST. IFTTT can turn things on and off directly if you so choose).

@bridaus Just curious, Brian! What’s your use case?

Turned off my bug zappers when the sprinklers were running… just in case. In my defense, I am always trying to move EVERYTHING automated in the house to one system so I can have all inclusive dashboards. Often the effort is not justifiable except as an exercise in awesomeness (automation). In this case there was very little effort.

I might also create a party mode for the house, in which case I would disable the sprinklers. Planned, but not active yet.

IFTTT has some interesting use cases too (not all are SmartThings possible/appropriate, but freeze delay might be good for some):

Lazy me! :slight_smile: At the start of the watering season, I just set up my schedules and totally ignore it except for starting a manual schedule once or twice, checking the consumption! Dashboard part would be nice within ST.

saw a DCS 5025L in store as well… Haven’t come across a DCS 5029L (Officially supported)

Rachio is the best irrigation controller IMO, it allows the laziness I also experience. Works without thinking, which is really what automation is for… my girlfriend loves the thing. I just can’t resist “improving” things. :smile:

If I didn’t have to blow the lines manually out every winter, I’d automate it to shut down during winter too.

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@bridaus I willing pay a sprinkler company to come and professionally winterize the irrigation system for 60 bucks! :wink: I live in the NE. Can’t take chances.

I could, but I"m a do it myself guy, and it’s not very hard. Still requires manual intervention. My sprinkler guy oo’ed and ahh’d over my Rachio. Was priceless.

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I would love to see a solution that I can use to disarm my system for someone like a dog walker or a housekeeper. I currently have no way to do this other than the ST arrival sensor, which evidently has a really short battery life. I don’t want to give my dog walker something that’s going to cause him issues by having a dead battery all of the time.

One solution that I saw and thought would be incredibly useful is a door panel that can by opened by a key fob. The key fob has no battery, but has to be held up to the door panel. That way I have control over the door panel (if it needs a battery changed) but my dog walker just needs to keep the key fob. Scout has a door panel that achieves this purpose, but Scout is also not able to do all of the other useful things that SmartThings can.

My other option would be to have my dog walker download the ST app and use his phone as a presence device, but I’m not even sure if he has a smartphone. Just seems intrusive, but until a new solution is developed (i really like the key fob idea, obviously) i’ll stick with that I guess.

Why not just use a zwave lock and assign a code to the dog walker?

Ah good question. A few reasons. First, cost. I am not looking to spend a couple hundred dollars on this solution. Second, aesthetics. I have found that all of the zwave locks that I’ve come across as very unattractive. I would be willing to use one if it replaced only the internal components of the lock like the August Lock does. But August isn’t supported by ST and doesn’t have an IFTTT channel. And with that solution we would still get back to the issue of having to have my dog walker have a smartphone and then download an app.

I feel like there is an elegant and easy solution to this issue that just hasn’t been created.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I see a lot of suggestions in this thread but I haven’t read any progress on these devices getting finally supported. What can we expect in the future?

I’ve been attracted to ST because of its openness, but I’m disappointed by how few devices are actually supported. For ST to have a fighting chance against brand names like Apple HomeKit, Google Nest and Insteon, a long and comprehensive list of supported devices would be a serious competitive advantage.

Good point. We need to compile a list of user-supported devices to go along with the list of officially supported devices. This list would need links to the code that has been provided. This would be much better than forcing people to scour the forums trying to find some code, and hoping they found the latest version.

Has anyone done this or does anyone want to attempt this?


Throwing in my suggestion for Trane XL824/850 support. It uses the Nexia service but it’s a z-wave bridge… hopefully it can be done.

I bet ST as of today “supports” more devices than all three combined. What’s lacking is not quantity, but quality of support.