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Can you tell me if the Yale YRD 240 is compatible with the current hub and the new v2 hub?

Not yet, at least officially. Here is the list (you can search Yale):

Blink!! Please…

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Please consider the Danfoss Living Connect Z-Wave motorized radiator thermostat.



How about the GE Z-Wave Smart Fan Control (12730)? Looking at the compatible list, just about all the other GE Z-Wave devices are on there except for this one, Can we get this switch on the “official” list too?

I would love to see IR Blasters e.g. Nevo Portal to be part of SmartThings so that millions of IR controllable alliances including ductless AC, AV system, STB can be managed by SmartThings too.


How about you get SmartThings to work with the devices it is supposed to work with before spending time working on new devices. It STILL does NOT detect presence of smart phones with good dependability.

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The issue with mobile presence has to do with hardware and software. The new Hub includes Bluetooth, which will be enabled at later stage is to potentially fix this problem. Refer to the post below.

Well, when ST adds Bluetooth to their V2, then I might be interested. Until then, it does not work as advertised.

Bluetooth is in V2. It won’t be active when the hubs first go into service, but the radio exists and will eventually be turned on. So, it’s coming!

Sure; so is Christmas. It should not be advertised if it is not turned on. I have not heard one reason yet for me to spend another $99 on the V2 hub.

Thanks JDRoberts! Now with the new hub we will have bluetooth. I wonder how that will change things!

There’s a Bluetooth radio, but so far it isn’t turned on. So nothing changes yet. And no specific timeline for when it will. We’ll just have to wait and see.

And I suppose we have to wait for Misfit to open up the app as well. My goal is to make an indicator light for our home alarm system to remind us that the door is armed. Seems like there’d be a little dongle or doohicky with wi-fi or bluetooth with a couple of LED lights that could be triggered remotely. IFTTT has some options, but they all are way to expensive for this little project. Right now it looks like the best/cheapest option is either an in-wall toggle switch for the hallway (to provide power for the bulb) and an LIFX bulb. The other option is a lamp with a LIFX bulb, which might work well come to think of it, but then I’d need a shelf or small table for the lamp. :unamused:

$20 Wi-Fi phone with on it and an indicator icon you turn on and off should do it. You can customize it a lot of different ways including different mounting options. Your Choice whether to power it or leave it on battery and take it down to recharge it.


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So Nutone just released a bunch of zwave devices that are compatible with “most” hubs. I tried to post the info but the whole page got uploaded, not just a link, and I don’t want to spam this forum. So I deleted it. If I can find a regular link I will post again. Apparently they have a door chime too.

Also, Anker (who makes cellphone accessories came out with the Ankercam. 720p IP cam for $99.

These are all just Linear Devices that have been rebadged (just like the evolve line).

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Okay, thanks. :smile:

I’m just starting to look at SmartThings, I already use Domoticz and Vera. Some things I would love to see and would make me move away from my other systems are:

Bluetooth proximity, e.g. detect mobile phone in house
IP - Denon Receiver Control
IP - Seneye Fish Tank Monitors
IP - Samsung TV
IP - Squeezebox
IP - Cameras - Tenvis
IP - GlobalCache GC100
Z-Wave - Slave Z-Wave controllers, e.g. Vera, Domoticz
Z-Wave - Greenwave Z-wave multi plug
Z-Wave - Horstmann Thermostat (CSTAT 17-ZW) and Receiver (ASR-ZW)

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Heard Belkin is making a Wemo Water with Echo technology to measure water use. It was introduced at CES 2015 and should be available later this year or early 2016. Same thing with their power module. Similar to Neurio but with better control for appliances under 400 watts.