Stop Breaking Things!

Fix the damn routines based on time and sunrise/sunset. I opened up a ticket anddddd no one from SmartThings respond. Stop adding new features for Samsung, stabilize your platform for your current users please.


Yup mine didn’t trigger either again today. UGH

Mine haven’t worked in weeks. Opened tickets they resynced, no help. Rebuilt automations, worked for one day now stuck waiting on last Wednesday to get here.

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Mined work perfectly up til 2 days ago.

its time based when the system seems overloaded… I’d recommend trying something like sunset - 12 minutes or some odd number , also add a 2nd similar routine later. as backup

All my Sunset/sunrise routines are offset and still fail

ok… the other thing you probably have to do is once they fail rebuild a new one and remove the old… I have had to do that a few times…

A stable system shouldn’t ask us to rebuild and remove all the time. Besides, I can honestly say I didn’t have any major problems before. Now it’s like everything has a problem.