Subscribe to security armed status event in Smart Home Monitor?

Is there any way to subscribe to the event when we press “Arm” / “Disarm” in the home monitor screen ?

Looking at the documentation, it only seems to be possible for the “mode” event which is different from the home monitor event.


The following is undocumented, so I don’t know if it still works, but it used to. The first couple of posts are about setting the armed status from a smart app, but then they go on and discuss subscribing to a change.


Yep, that’s the way it works. I am pretty sure it is now documented…

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Thanks, guy, this is what I was looking for.

As far as the documentation is concerned, unless the search is not working properly, I couln’t find any trace of alarmSystemStatus in here:

Digging around, it seems that there is a “shm-event” branch that contains the documentation in here however, this branch has not been merged into master.

Seems like it would be a good idea to merge that in and update the main docs website.

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The problem I am having is there doesn’t seem to be a state for being in alarm status. I had to base events off of a simulated alarm.

The docs PR was never merged or published because it was determined that working with Smart Home Monitor status from another SmartApp is not supported, at least in its current form. I’ve reached out to the product manager of SHM to determine if/when it will be supported in the future (and then it will be documented as well), and will report back anything I find out.