Possible to trigger from smart home security modes (away/stay/disarm)?

Was wondering if it was possible to trigger an event when changing the smart home monitor security state – the away/stay/disarm options.

For example, the ideal solution would be if the “Smart Lights” smart app had an option to turn on a switch based on changing the security mode.

Is there an easy way to do this? Or is it even possible?

Smart Home Monitor (SHM) is currently completely proprietary and officially closed off from Community Development. There are a couple of officially unsupported and discouraged API methods that have been discovered by Developers, but these are not able to receive or dismiss Alerts from the SHM app.

Rule Machine, Smart Tiles and a few other SmartApps (SharpTools?, SmartRules?) use the following API…

The current mode, can, unofficially, be fetched with:


You can change SHM mode with :

sendLocationEvent(name: "alarmSystemStatus" , value : "away|stay|off" )

And you can subscribe to SHM mode Events:

subscribe(location, "alarmSystemStatus" , handler)

SHM is “closed” from non-“partner” development (until further notice), because (in my observation and opinion only…), the feature is being reserved as a recurring revenue opportunity. The partnership with Scout for “professional monitoring” is already in place, and ADT Canopy is announced. In January 2015, SmartThings announced that there will be premium integrated features (for a monthly fee…) added to allow you to notify neighbors, friends, and family, even give them temporary access to your home with limited device permissions (such as unlock the door once to look around, dismiss alarms, etc.). SHM is the likely base for those types of notifications as well.

I’ve posted the above a few times over the past couple of weeks, and it’s probably coming across like a bit of “trolling” by now. Frankly, I can’t disparage SmartThings’s attempts to explore all possible ongoing revenue streams, but I personally consider the “hidden” restrictions on SHM to be a little misleading to the Community. SmartThings is a very open platform; but it is important to know where the edges are. SHM is a flagship feature, and the fact that SHM is not open is concerning and significant. :worried:

(Disclosure: As co-developer of SmartTiles, note that we get a lot of user requests for SHM functionality to be added to the app. The functionality of our dashboards is distinctly hampered by the lack of any API methods to display and acknowledge SHM alert notifications. We want to provide SmartThings users the most complete experience possible, and appreciate SmartThings’s high regard for our SmartApp; but this particular limitation is a hard fact for us to ignore, as is the realistic possibility that there will be more features (new and existing) that are “closed” in the future.)

Misleading is a bit of a strong word … I guess it stems from the fact that there are, actually, 3 API methods available into SHM (see above), and yet SmartThings has not published (documented) them.

I also don’t mind being proven wrong. If SHM is temporarily not open due to it’s pending evolution, that would be absolutely wonderful to learn. :blush:

EDIT, BTW: SmartThings Video features are another area that is pretty closed to developers. There is no way to download stored video, for example, for offline use. This is less of a surprise, perhaps; since enhanced video features have been specifically noted as being a planned “premium/fee based” option.

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I think Rule Machine can do what you want.

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Why not just use a plain ole routine?

OP was asking if there was a way to use SHM state changes as a Trigger, I think.

Sure… you could put the actual SHM change in a Routine and include other stuff in that Routine… but that doesn’t make the SHM change Event, itself, the trigger. Right?

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This is exactly correct.

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Looks like the mentioned rule machine may do what I want. I’ll look into it. Thanks!

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