Query Smart Home Monitor security states?

I’d like to setup a dashboard at home to show the smart home monitor state (ie Arm/Arm Stay/Disarm), and possibly change the states.

I could not find anything in the docs or in https://graph.api.smartthings.com

Is this possible?

What kind of dashboard and on what kind of device?

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search for smarttiles

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All I would like to do is make a API call via URL to get whether my Smart Home Monitor status is Armed (stay/away) or Disarmed.

My goal is to display the state on a cheap android phone so I can see the state from within my home.

I was unable to find that data in smarttiles. Also I’m writing a custom app so would rather have a API call I can make

Check “More Tiles” section in SmartTiles app references.

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You can write a Web Service SmartApp…

And in your Web Service SmartApp, you could write a method to get the current SHM status, but it’s not currently officially supported.

Reference: How to set Smart Home Monitor status from SmartApp (also thanks to @tgauchat for the side discussion we had on this)