Integrating another smartapp with smart home monitor?

I’ve wrote a smart app based on SmartAlaram which allows the user to configure zones and configure action upon receiving alert notifications. Now that ST came out with Smart Home Monitoring, users won’t want to configure two separate apps for monitoring their home.
Is there any way to integrate with Smart Home Monitoring? I would need to receive:

  1. arm state change notifications.
  2. interrogate Smart Home Monitoring configuration (which sensors are monitored at which arm state)
  3. configuration change notifications (so I will know when to re-interrogate the configuration)
    This way after installing my smartApp, the user will keep on configuring one app, while both apps will work.

Arm state change should be:

subscribe(location, "alarmSystemStatus", alarmHandler)

def alarmHandler(evt) {
  log.debug "Alarm Handler value: ${evt.value}"
  log.debug "alarm state: ${location.currentState("alarmSystemStatus")?.value}"

Not sure about the others right now

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Do you know of a way in which my app can receive a notification each time the “smart home monitor” receives an alarm event from a sensor? That way I will receive events from all sensors which are configured in the “smart home monitor” and will not have to hold my own configuration.

Subscribing to status changes works. What would be even more useful is subscribing to intrusion alerts.


I agree. I’ve been looking everywhere, is there no event for intrusion?

Basic push or SMS notifications aren’t helpful for me. I get lots of those from a variety of sources throughout the day. I want to make an app to send things to Pushover where I can get a push notification with an alarm sound that requires acknowledgment. :slight_smile:


I agree with @Moonshine, how can we get this in SMH?

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