Subscribe or not subscribe, that is the question (Lowe's Iris)

When the Lowe’s Iris system was announced and rolled out, I was one of the first users to install the system into my home.
Many issues and adjustments in the first year, but I kept my subscription and worked with the system.
The “Second Generation” hub started all sorts of issues, (compatibility, connection issues, etc.), and after months and months of complaints, I stopped my subscription to the service.
So my question is, has the programing been fixed to have the system run satisfactorily to the point where I should consider subscribing to the service again?


You aren’t going to find many Iris users in a SmartThings forum…


I believe the following is the most active iris users forum. I would ask there. :sunglasses:

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Just looking for the best solution for the use of my equipment, I would prefer not to use the “Iris” system, but instead find a system in which I can either program my needs (without having to create it from scratch), or find a different system to use with the same devices.

Thank you for the information!

If you’re asking if your devices would work with a smart things hub instead, it just depends on the specific models.

Most of the Z wave devices will work just fine. The first generation zig be devices do not work with SmartThings; the second generation zigbee devices typically do work with SmartThings.

The Linear garage door controller works with SmartThings; the Genie does not.

I don’t think any of the cameras do.

SmartThings does not have any cellular option.

So it all comes down to specifics.

Well I am a semi Iris user. If you have some Iris V1 equipment you can at least try it now for free. It no longer requires a fee for rules and scenes.

That is the main reason I still use it. I have quite a few Iris V1 sensors that won’t work with anything else. Right now I use Iris for a few simple lights that I have turn on and off on a basic schedule. I also use it to auto turn on some lights in a few closets in the house. I still have my thermostat on Iris as I just use a basic schedule and that seems to work fine,.

So no subscription cost for using hub v2 Iris at all?

As of about two or three weeks ago, they removed the fee for the premium plan. You get no video storage and only 24 hours of history, but all rules and scenes are available.

Very helpful, thank you

Going to dust off the iris hub v2 i have laying around to see if it pairs with two or three unPaired/new ST branded devices for some discovery funsies.