Sub locations with smartthings?

Is it possible to have sub locations (master bedroom, living room) that reference the hub and devices available to the house?

I don’t need access to all my devices from all rooms.


Yes, go to things and drag the icons for a room over each other. It will create a group that you can name according to whatever process you use to name (SMILE)

Thanks but you described making a group I think, which isn’t what I wanted at all. If I worded my post badly, I want to use Locations to ringfence some Things as room by room sub-Locations. I don’t want Things from other rooms cluttering that room.

Edit: while I save for my beach house, tech startup office and city weekend penthouse of course!

Well I use the groups to place things together per room, and then use the shortcuts on the primary screen for lights, movement sensor, etc. as a whole.

I suspect that I am not understanding what you are looking to do here. But, I want to help. What I think of when you state that you want “to use Locations to ringfence some Things as room by room sub-Locations. I don’t want Things from other rooms cluttering that room.” I think of this as you looking to group controls (things) into a group that has been assigned to a room. So when you go to that group, you only see the things that are associated to that room.

If that is not what you want, please explain again. I would be glad to help.

Others please chime in if you think you can help here.

Thanks for the kind post.

The problem I have with groups is two fold. The main issue is that using groups is does not ring fence things.

A worked example would be that a guest bedroom Location should not allow a guest accidental access to the master bedroom lighting. With groups there is no way to prevent wandering fingers causing accidental activation.

A worked domestic implementation would be that tablets/ipod touches are often idle after being replaced with a newer model. Using an installed tablet to control the temperature and lighting for a sub-Location would be a fine visitor experience, however the Master location with its 50+ nodes is a confusing place.

I can only assume this is how Locations should be implemented; the use-case for Locations shouldn’t be restricted to the multi-smarthome-owner with multiple Smartthings hubs.

Most of this would refer to this as permissions, which is currently not supported in SmartThings. Check out Web Dashboard 2.0 for a very elegant alternative.

Thanks that looks like one to watch. I kinda liked the smarthings UI though, in fact that’s why I bought it.

Wow you and I are agreeing al lot today, it must be something that I ate this morning (SMILE). Yes, I agree with Scott here, I use this application as well, and it would be simple to implement your needs with this application. Remember that you can run the SmartApp multiple times, and with each run you can setup the app for the controls that you want to have available for the family or user in general.