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I’m not sure if this belongs in “mobile apps”, “devices”, or “smart apps.” So… I’ll just ask here. :wink:

First, I see many people reference “grouping” their things. For example, they might put a couple switches and a motion sensor in a “bedroom” group. How is this done? I don’t see any options in the android app for making “groups.”

Second, how would I go about setting up a rule so that if “Light 1” gets turned on during a specific time span (for example, 6pm to 11pm), I want to turn “Light 2” off. (As well, if “Light 1” gets turned off, go ahead and turn “Light 2” back on.)

Finally, is there any way to simulate a presence sensor? Perhaps a virtual mobile presence sensor? Using android, tasker, and wifi signal strengths, I’m able to make a MUCH more accurate determination of if I’m at home. I’d love to be able to use that ability, and a tasker plugin from another thread, to tell ST that I’m home (or not.) (When answering this, please keep in mind that I just attached this ST hub this afternoon, so assume I’m a clueless newbie.)

Thanks in advance,

Welcome @garyd9! No worries on where to ask, you’ll get that figured out the more you get into this.

I can certainly answer Grouping. When looking all all your devices under Things, drag one device on top of another and it will group them together and ask you to name that group. You can create as many as needed, and use your own images for each group:

You can also create/manage groups via the developer tools (aka IDE):

Using the IDE you can also easily move devices from group to group. The IDE is your friend, and an important part of using SmartThings.

As far as rules go, think of those as Smartapps in ST. Some of what you can do - like turn on/off lights when there’s motion - can be done in certain Dashboard areas like Lights & Switches, Doors & Locks, or Damage & Danger. More complex “rules” will be done with Smartapps you can implement via SmartSetup in the phone app, or the IDE, depending on the app and what you want to happen. There are many really cool apps out there.

Lastly, simulating presence sensors as you describe can’t be done yet - but, using Tasker may be something that can be used. I’m not familiar with Tasker, so hopefull this Community can provide a little more help.

Hope that helps you out a little.

There is a smart app called “Dim with me” that will do the light task you asked about. You set one light or even a virtual switch as the master and all of the slaves will follow its behavior. On/off/and dim level.

[quote=“johnconstantelo, post:2, topic:8778”]
Lastly, simulating presence sensors as you describe can’t be done yet
[/quote] :frowning: I noticed in the IDE, if I go to “my devices”, click to add a device, one of the types available is a “simulated presence sensor.” The problem is that I have no clue how to go about (ab)using it.

[quote=“jodyalbritton, post:3, topic:8778”]
here is a smart app called “Dim with me” that will do the light task you asked about.
[/quote]I think that’s the opposite of what I want. However, I wonder if it’s time for me to get my feet wet with this IDE look at “dim with me” as something to start from.

My wife isn’t going to be happy. I usually have new gadget for at least 6 hours before I start hacking their code. Oh, well… at least it’s a (very) long weekend for me.

@garyd9 sorry, I misread your request. You should be able to work out something similar using the dim with me code.