Stupid question: do i need the bridge if i buy sonos?

stupid question: do i need the bridge if i buy sonos?

not talking about rigging something up cheap together, rather pay $49 and have it work, just want to be sure i need it? (smartthings doesnt directly interface)

also, if i win the lotto tonight and spring for their amp, the connect amp which i think allows u to hookup other speakers even… then i def dont need bridge, right? quick answer would be appreciate.

thank you so much

I have this exact setup, a bridge and an amp with external non-sonos outdoor speakers. You need the bridge if you are placing the amp where there is no Ethernet connection to your router. My router is upstairs and my amp is downstairs, so I needed to buy the bridge and hook it into my router.

Not sure where it stands now, but back in April, they were talking about eliminating the need for the bridge

There’s an option in the mobile app to ‘use local wifi’ or something similar. In pretty sure that’s the new bridge-less setup.

will it still send same source audio to multiple speakers? without a bridge?

u need some go-between for that, unless smartthings hub is awesome.

Example - i have two bluetooth speakers in shower, send signal and only one plays at a time no matter what.


You only need to have one Sonos device plugged into the network. It is a 2.4Mhz. mesh network and thus the bridge can be used to extend the network if your speakers are located far apart. It is similar to Z-Wave and ZigBee home automation mesh networks.

There is an option to go wifi direct from an Android device, but they don’t recommend it.

I’ve seen reports that they are working on WiFi. I’m not sure if this means a hybrid or mutually exclusive. It is NOT Bluetooth.

so i do need to have one device (bridge) plugged into my router?

or i can “use local wifi” in the (sonos or smartthings app?)

im planning on just getting one sonos play 3 (like yesterday) and bridge if the bridge is needed/ even if it is only needed for smart things integration.


In your case you only need Play 3 plugged into the same network as the SmartThings hub. You don’t need the bridge. If you can’t get a physical network cable to the Play 3 then you need the bridge.

that is exactly what i needed to know thank you