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Just bought a few Sonos speakers for use with ST, and the integration so far is great. I was “referred” by another user and thought I’d pass along the information for the offer.
If referred by an existing customer, you get a free wifi bridge with any speaker order. Otherwise, the bridge costs $50. No gimmicks or tricks.

If anyone would like referred, just let me know!

This is a fairly common deal. If you are shopping for Sonos, you should be able to find a deal with a free bridge. Other sales on Sonos are infrequent. The bridge is only essential if you don’t have at least one of your Sonos units plugged into a wired network connection or if you have a room that is remote from other units. I had to put a bridge in my basement because the signal from upstairs was weak.

I would also be willing to refer if you need that in order to get the deal (this is the first time I have heard of this twist).


I’ve gotten a free bridge every time I bought a sonos. They run that deal a lot.

Eric - I didn’t realize that you can use a bridge to extend the sonos net. Did you have to do anything special? I have one unit that drops out sometimes. Did you just put the second bridge somewhere between to repeat? or did you physically connect it to the unit that was disconnecting?

So, if you wire one with ethernet it will work as a bridge for the other sonos speakers?

@Cory - Yes, only one needs to be wired to your ethernet. The others will link to it with wireless assuming they are within range. This is why they don’t sell many bridges (and why the bridges are often given away as part of a deal). I believe all the Sonos units have this capability (but you should probably confirm that be checking the product literature) - not 100% sure about the Play1 as I don’t have any of them (yet).

@Greg - The bridge is a Sonos-wireless-to-wired-ethernet bridge. So in my basement it is wired to my house ethernet and the other Sonos units in the basement connect to it with Sonos wireless. The bridge would not be connected by wire to the Sonos speaker.

I use the term Sonos-wireless because, while Sonos speakers use Wifi Frequencies, they are not interoperable with other Wifi devices. Also, Sonos specifies that you need at least one unit with a wired connected to serve as the gateway to the internet (via your home router). I assume this was due to concerns over bandwidth and latency if you tried to link it up with WiFi.

I have tried for weeks to get Smartthing to play one of its messages on sonos. It will only play or stop music. Support tells me it is a problem on their servers and they are “working” on it. However it appears a lot of you have it working. I assume if it’s the Smartthing servers nobody would have it working. Can anyone point me in the direction to get this working? I just have a play 1 connected directly to my router (no bridge).
Thanks for any help/hints… Oh… I’m also on the Android platform

John O-

This thread here has a lot of good information, specifically to have the sonos play whatever text you want it to. Foneguy2 and others have put together some really good code they have shared.

John - that thread teflon mentioned does have good info. I actually don’t use the sonos control app from ST anymore and I only use foneguy’s app. My sonos’ are working fine.

I did have an issue that started Thursday/Friday when I think ST’s whole system was down. All my sonos apps broke at that point and I had to rebuild them all. But they are all working now and they are all built from foneguy’s app.

Thank you for the link, I’ve read the tread a few days ago and tried the app by foneguy2 I still get the same results. To be honest I’m not concerned about Smartthing default sounds if I could get foneguy2 tts to work.

I have release an generic Media Renderer device type to use some cheap DLNA speakers. Help us to verity the working devices

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