STSS-MULT-001 Multisensor pairing instructions

I still have a bunch of old STSS-MULT-001 multisensors (
and want to move them to a new hub. I can’t find instructions anywhere on how to pair them. I thought all I had to do was press and hold the pair button inside the sensor but that isn’t working. I can’t even pair it back to the hub it was on previously.

Is it this one?

There’s a connect button inside that you have to hold down for 6 seconds while you put the batteries back in and then the LED will flash.

Hi - you need to pop the lid off and use something to press and hold a small white button (it’s the size of a pin head) until it flashes. I actually need 3 of these sensors. If you are looking to upgrade and want to sell any, let me know.

I just shipped off my v1 hub and 3 sensors for recycling yesterday :frowning: