STS-WTR-250 water sensor battery level indicator

I’m replacing batteries in my sensors but the battery level after replacement is 1% in one case and 15% in another case. Batteries are fresh, dated 2030 expiration.

I considered resetting my sensors but I can’t find documentation on them, they are discontinued. It seems ridiculous that I should have to spend $100 to re-outfit my home sensors given that these seem perfectly adequate.


Battery level reporting is HORRIBLE for all IoT devices. Some devices more than other.

First, it may take up yo 24 hours for status to be reported.

Second some devices don’t report correctly even on a good day.

Third, the percentage is rarely correct.

So given those - is the device actually acting up besides the battery report? If not id actually just let it sit if you just replaced the battery.

Ive got devices that range from 100% when new to 75% when dead. Ive just watched and recorded what the percentages were a few days after replacing batteries and what it was when yhey started acting up them set my battery monitor accordingly…

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Have you tried to go to IDE and change device type to something different, update, then go right back in and change it back? This worked for me a while back when after changing the battery and a day went by and the percentage was like 1%.


thanks. where can i find reset instructions for the sensor? i figure that might work.

Is this what you are looking for. STS-WTR-250 Water Leak Sensor User Manual

Thanks but I’m confused as to why I should go to a third-party user manual scraping site to find instructions for this device, even if it’s discontinued. Why can’t I find Samsung instructions on a Samsung website? Usually product companies have a way to find any product, then drill down to the manuals, even if the product is discontinued.