Battery Polling on Door Sensors?

I setup my hub about 20 days ago, but my door sensors don’t appear to be updating the battery level.

They are a EcoLink DW-ZWAVE2 and a Aeotec DSB54-ZWUS (two different models).

Right now they both report the battery level as 100%. Since they have been in place over 2 years (I jumped ship from another platform), I am highly suspicious this is the case. (The Ecolink only get’s used maybe once a week, but the Aeotec get’s opened at least 5 times a day).

Looking in the IDE, and selecting All, i only see open closed events.

Other battery powered devices (Water sensor) report battery levels.

So what am I missing?

Not a thing. The Ecolink’s report 100% (sometimes less) regardless of the actual level unlike the Iris or ST branded zigbee devices. Ecolink devices should send a low battery event, which ST’s DTH should handle and notify you.

You maybe right. However if all the devices I have in the lab one of them shows 99% the rest show 100%. Either device is really really efficient with the battery or you’re onto something :slight_smile:


I have just a couple of these devices left, and 1 is also at 99%. When I had more I had a few in high use areas that made it about 2 years before I had to replace batteries, and when they died they still showed 100% or 99%.

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yup, just had an ecolink contact sensor die and still showed 100%. Another case of ST battery % not being accurate

Nah, this is how the Ecolinks work. They basically will show 100 or 99%, but it really means the battery is OK instead of a true representation of a level. When a low battery condition exists the DTH picks up a “0xFF” (255) battery level report sent from the device and it should alert to a low battery condition.

ah, interesting. I’ll have to look at the DTH i’m using. Its a contact turned water sensor.