ST's Hue (Connect) app doesn't follow ST's Device Handler Guidelines

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@Jim -

In the last 6 weeks, I’ve had a number of problems with “ghost” Hue bridges (service managers) and / or “ghost” Hue lights (child devices) – “ghost” meaning that the service manager / device doesn’t appear in the SmartThings app and often not in the IDE. These “ghosts” prevent addition or removal of new, working service managers and devices. I was therefore very interested in the “Implicit Removal of Child Devices” section of the updated documentation that states a Service Manager needs to remove child devices from SmartThings when (1) the Service Manager removes those devices or (2) the Service Manager itself is uninstalled.

I have 3 comments/questions related to this section:

  1. It appears that the Guide describes “Explicit” (not “Implicit”) removal of child devices (and provides code showing “explicit” removal).

  2. I don’t understand why ST’s own Hue (Connect) app in the IDE doesn’t follow ST’s own guideline of explicitly removing the child devices? (Especially considering the problems that I - and many others - have had with “ghost” devices). ST’s Sonos (Connect) service manager does this.

  3. Will there be any documentation on how one can remove a “ghost” device (or “ghost” service manager) that wasn’t properly removed from SmartThings?


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The device handler documentation updates yesterday were only for the device handler guide, which is specific to hub-connected devices (we should probably consider renaming this guide to be clearer. That may be part of a larger, overall restructuring). I haven’t had a chance yet to update any of the LAN or Cloud-Connected device developer documentation that I believe you are referring to.

Regarding the Hue Connect app, perhaps @juano2310 can provide some insight.

I think that this type of documentation is probably something that should live in our support documentation, not developer documentation, since it impacts end-users.

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