Childdevice cleanup bug?

(Mike Maxwell) #1

Working with a smart app that creates child devices, It would appear that if the child device(s) are moved into a group, they are not deleted when the app is uninstalled.
The are deleted properly as long as they aren’t assigned to a group after being created.

After the app is removed, the devices that were in the groups cannot be deleted after the fact.

Has anyone seen this, or can confirm?, thanks.

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #2

I have that exact problem now. A “ghost” Hue Bridge remains in a group - I’m unable to delete it, and the Hue (Connect) Service Manager is now unable to find my Hue Bridge.

After a little bit of back-and-forth with Customer Service, I am now completely resetting the ST hub and starting from scratch.

(Mike Maxwell) #3

… 85 devices, 8 custom device types, 10 custom smart apps, hue and harmony integrations…
Starting over isn’t an option for me.

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #4

You’re not missing much. AFTER THE COMPLETE RESET . . . wait for it . . . I STILL CANNOT SEE MY HUE HUB.

I’m super pleased,