Do the native ST DH for Homeseer z-wave switches do scene control?

do the native ST DH support homeseer ws/wd-100/200 switches for scene control?

if not, why not?

Are you asking about control of SmartThings scenes?

Or are you asking about the ability to recognize zwave Central Scene numbers as triggers?

The answer to the first question is yes, but probably only for on/off. I don’t believe the stock DTHs handle even double tap, let alone the 6 tap pattern the Homeseer offers.

The answer to the second question is no. SmartThings has not yet provided support for zwave Central Scene management in the standard UI, you have to use custom code.

why not…

No idea, they just never have. Most likely it’s because their core design philosophy has always been that the specific protocols should be mostly invisible to the end-user, they like to pretend that zigbee devices, Z wave devices, and Wi-Fi devices all work exactly the same with exactly the same features, even though there are differences.

But I’m just guessing, you would have to ask Samsung.

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