When will switches with scene control be supported natively?

When will switches with scene control be supported natively? I would really like this to run natively.

Edit: as in the ABC manager App and the ws1000+ device handler.

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You mean Z wave central scenes, right?

Yes, that is correct JD

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Count me in on this also. When will zwave sceneocsl support arrive?

What exactly do you mean by this? Do you mean the hub recognizing the central scene commands and allowing the DTH to parse them? Or allowing you to bind Z-wave devices together to allow the central scene functionality within the z-wave protocol? Switches with central scene capability are supported on ST already. The new Inovelli Dimmers are Central Scene devices and their DTHs support those commands.

The DTHs that support central scene commands do so by converting the central scene numbers to button presses. That’s not quite the same as native support of central scene commands. For one thing it requires a specific DTH for each device in order to properly translate the numbers.

Native support would simply accept the central scene number and act on that. In addition, it would support the other central scene commands such as configure and distinguishing between press and long press.

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Hence my question:

Do you even read it all or just assume I’m wrong?

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. “Binding“ is a zigbee term, but is not used in the Z wave protocol. (OpenHAB uses it, but that’s specific to their implementation.) And the whole point of a central scene command, as opposed to the older Z wave local scenes, is that the scene number is sent to the hub rather than directly to the other device. That’s what the “ Central“ refers to. So I’m just a little confused by your comment.

Z-wave bindings is where you bind one z-wave device to another. But I will not get drawn into an argument of semantics with you.

The point is that switches with Z-wave central scenes are supported. If you want central scene functionality, then go to a z-wave hub. Having central scene on ST makes no sense since all the devices are not Z=wave.

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