Struggling to configure system and support not helpful

Hi all,

First time poster here. I searched the forum, but don’t really know how to ask this question in a search box, so it didn’t return a usable result.

I’ve had my ST for a while now and have all devices connected to it. Now comes the hard part - configuring them to do what I want. For instance, I want the siren to sound when a door/window open, but only on certain conditions … but it sounds ANYTIME a door/window opens (then the mad scramble to open the app, find the device, and shut it off. Sometimes it arms when I intend it to, but doesn’t disarm. Stuff like that.

I’ve contacted support and it’s a month in between the first two responses (and silence since then) and their responses essentially amount to “here’s a link, go figure it out yourself”. But the links provide such vague/generic guidance as to be unhelpful in this very specific ask. I’ve asked for someone from support to hop on the phone with me and walk me through it, but I guess that ain’t happening.

I’m attaching a JPG of a flowchart of sorts (ok, not a real flowchart, but … :wink: and if anyone can help me figure this out, I’d be grateful.


I don’t feel my ST system is reliable enough for a loud siren. Too many reports of not being able to disarm.

Chimes and notifications might be more practical for now.

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Search for Smart Alarm. It works well as an alarm and also rule machine for routine changes. To use Smart Alarm make sure to disable all devices in SHM.

Thanks for the support! I used Smart Alarm and one of the struggles I had was in getting it to arm & disarm when I wanted it to. For instance, I tried to set it so that it was armed when my girlfriend is home alone from sunset to sunrise and … nope, on more than one occasion, I was home too and opened the garage door after sunrise to be greeted with the screaming siren. Are there other apps that have a more “wizard” approach to configuring?

Welcome to the community. Support is extremely backed up at the moment and the engineers are struggling to get the system to a consumer ready state. With that said there are a lot of users here that are more than willing to assist where we can.

From what you stated you can most likely use ‘Modes’, ‘Smart Alarm’,Rule Machine’ and possibly presence sensors (which aren’t currently working properly for a lot of users) to accomplish what you want. There are multiple posts that explain the process of publishing device types and smartapps put a quick query didn’t uncover them. When I get more time I will try to find them again. @JDRoberts seems to keep good track of these and may be able to list them here for you.

The first thing you will need to do is get familiar with the IDE. This is where you can publish custom devices types and smartapps along with “monitoring/troubleshooting” your system. If you are in North America the link for the IDE is if you are elsewhere there are other links based on your region. I don’t have those links but I’m sure someone else can post them if need be.

@JDRoberts If you can post the links for device types and smart apps I will update the unofficial Wiki with this information when I get a chance. @slagle If there is a better place let me know. Things That Are Smart Wiki It doesn’t appear that anyone has been utilizing the Wiki.

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The community-created wiki is still quite new and growing. :sunglasses:

The FAQs on adding custom device types are there, in the FAQ section.

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Thanks JD. I didn’t check the FAQ I looked in the Getting Started section.

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Good luck with having a home alarm with a loud siren be automated by SmartThings at the current time. You will have your girlfriend jumping every time the system false alarms, and when/if their is a real alarm, the V2 hub will be most likely miss it or be firmware bricked.

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