Streaming video issues

Nayelyz, i have been working in a small way with @TAustin and his Onvif driver.

We have discovered a few issues with the streaming video part which @TAustin has no control over, we would like to bring these issues to your attention for your thoughts and consideration.

Issues found all occur with streaming video in a camera group.

I have been able to test with a c2c nest cam streaming video into a camera group, this device shows no issues so there is a baseline of correct streaming and operation

However using an Onvif camera stream into a camera group results in failure of some of the options available

Findings based on Samsung Android Os
Full screen playback of a stream is not possible using the full screen icon available on screen, it simply does nothing

Rotating the phone in camera group and expanding a camera by touching its expand button to show just that single camera fails to display the camera in landscape, instead it simply rotates to portrait .

Resolution maximum is 1920 x 1080, higher resolutions do not expand sideways but instead remain in a 4:3 ratio

It is only possible to have 1 single stream running above 1920 x 1080, other cameras running at higher resolutions fail to show live video

There are other issues we have found but for now i will leave it there, would you be able to replicate some of these issues so that we might be able to report the issues to the development team


What do you mean by “camera group”? I understand that there are a few cameras interconnected and you want to see the streaming of each of them from the same device in ST just changing the streamingURL for example?

Within a camera group, the screencap shows the option to create a group of cameras, the arrow points to the created group

When the created group is opened to reveal the cameras selected to play in that group, this is where the streaming issues highlighted in my top post occur

Due to the current camera implementation in the ST app we appreciate it presently is not possible to stream video within an individual device tile

This is also something we would like to highlight with the development team but for now if we can concentrate on what actually works but has issues, that would be most useful

Sorry for the delay, I was getting more info.
The team mentioned that the video integration is not fully supported. Basically, the only functionality that you can use is the streaming service but things like making video captures or reproducing old clips are not available.
You mentioned these issues happen when using “camera groups” so, this means that part is incomplete as well…
Also, some cameras might require special features to stream and it’s possible you won’t be able to connect to them from ST.

For now, as I mentioned to Todd, I created a feature request to improve this integration type but it can take some time to be reviewed and we cannot assure you it will be approved.

Thank you for asking Nayelyz but the itms you mention are not expected to work nor needed

We do not expect a fully functioning camera app, the manufacture app will always give a richer experience, however the platform offers a full screen icon, this fails to work along with the resolution limitation

The camera flyout works fine
The camera screen cap works fine
Some people have reported audio also working
@TAustin is diligently working on the code to allow for all camera types and there oddities for connection, so far the work has been highly successful

Camera resolution and a working full screen icon would suffice for a reasonable ST integration within camera group