Hikvision cameras


Are there any smartapps that would work with these cameras yet? Have 2 of these and they work great with their own software but would like to use themy in ST.

(Marc) #2

My Swann camera’s (manufactured by Hikvision) work with this:

They don’t work great and I never use it as the video is choppy, but perhaps youll have better luck with your model.


Thanks will give it a try.

(Michael Stroh) #4

i had the same issue with a different camera setup and discovered that using the sub stream greatly improved video streaming.

(Marc) #5

Yes, but then the quality of the cameras is not as good, hence why it’s better to use the native Hikvision app…

(Michael Stroh) #6

I use the lower resolution for streaming from within Smartthings but the native app when I want the higher detail.

(Qvae) #7

are you guys using an NVR system? I’m having a hell of a time getting this to work.