Stock device handlers is not updating

I have some stock device handlers that I can see via the smartthings github has been updated. But these changes are not reflected in my system.

Here are two examples:

The Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 has been updated with this " Added labels to the motion attribute in the main multiattributetile"

And Netatmo: " To Netatmo DTHs, added Capability “Sensor” per http://docs.smartthing… "

None of these changes are active in my system. If I copy the code and create a new device handler and use that handler, the changes works.

But I dont want to do this manually every time ST updates a device handler. I thought this would be automatic? Any thoughts???

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I have a Sensative Strip the ST are working with Sensative on to upgrade the ‘stock’ device handler and I asked the question if it would automatically update my Sensative Strip with the new device handler.
Here is the answer I received.

Technically it’d be a new Device Type Handler that would require users to re-pair the device._

*We do have the super-secret backend ability to migrate Device Type **_
Handlers, which would probably be done in this case as to move everyone
over to the latest/greatest version.

So in theory ST should update devices with new/updated DTH’s.

No, they should not automatically update your handler, at least for the Fibaro motion sensor, as the sensor come in different firmware and required different handler.

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Of course they should. There are two dth versions for the motion sensor, one for the old firmware and one for the new ZW5 version.

They have made a small change on the zw5 version and added the missing “motion/no motion” text. But it’s not made it to my system. If they do bug fixes like this, you should think it would automatically update the changes.

Here is the small change they have made:

I realized we are talking about different things, I’m talking about different Fibaro version and handler, those should not auto upgrade, but for same version, I agree that they should auto update.

@Tyler. Thoughts?

What you’re seeing here is the changes pushed to our Github repo prior to a deployment to our system. It can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before changes to our Github repo end up in our Production environment.

If you copy and paste the code into a new DTH or SmartApp, you’ll basically be using a version that’s ahead of the one that we have in Production.

The next Production release for Devices and SmartApps is tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/20). This release contains both of the changes you mentioned (the Fibaro motion sensor tile and the sensor capability for Netatmo).


I have asked this question before but after reading this I need to ask again.
In the above you are saying that the new code will appear in github.
If that is the case, how do we get the code in the UK as we have no github integration.
Do we have to manually update our DTH or will it somehow get updated without github integration.

Or as usual have I read this wrong. I. e. It just gets put on github first.

These are two different things.

  1. We use Github to manage our code internally. When we have a new SmartApp or Device Type Handler, that code either gets merged into our public Github repo SmartThingsPublic, or a private (not public) repo called SmartThingsPrivate. To simplify the process a bit, every Tuesday new code is rolled up from these repos to all of our Production environments. This includes the UK.

  2. We have a developer facing Github integration that allows SmartThings Community developers to sync their (and our) code back and forth between our IDE and a Github repo. This integration isn’t available in the UK at this time.

So just to clarify. Do we have to do anything in the UK or will our DTH’s that are stock ST code be updated automatically or do we have to do anything.

I can confirm that my Fibaro Motion Sensors device handler just got updated automatically. I’m on the uk servers. Thanks for clearing things up @Tyler

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Can you confirm for me how you know the DTH has updated, and also which one you are using.

No, you don’t need to do anything.

He confirmed it as there was a visual change to the Fibaro Motion sensor today.

Hmm, just realized my Netatmo device handler hasnt been updated with sensor compabilty. Any idea how come? I thought all of these handlers was automaticly updated, a little stressed Im on old code on more devices.