Update DH code after it has been installed


I’m on my second day of using ST. I have created a few DHs and I’m wondering how to update the code without having to start over. Is this possible? One of my DHs had a code update today after I added it yesterday. Thanks!

(Dan) #2

Sure. Just click SAVE and then “PUBLISH -> for me” in the ST Web IDE. Your devices that use that Device Handler will be automatically updated.

(Ron Talley) #3

Are you sure you are talking about Device Handlers (DH)? Seems odd that you have created some DH but don’t know how to update them.

(jkp) #4

If the app is in a github repository, then you can integrate it with ST.


I went to the existing DH and selected “Edit”. I didn’t see a place to paste new code. I’m sure I must be making this more difficult than it actually is.


I agree, sorry for my newbie-ness. It is a DH that was created with code than was updated this morning.

(Robin) #7

Go to the ‘my device handlers’ tab, not the ‘my devices’ tab.

Click on the name of the device handler you want to edit.

Opens up the editor page where you can select all and overwrite with new code.

Better to use GitHub integration though… if you’re in the EU it’s not available as standard but can be activated via a back door.

Setup instructions in the first half of this walkthrough video:


Thanks @RobinWinbourne… that did it. Appreciate the integration video link as well!