STITCH by Monoprice (or Zwave outlet with USB ports)

There’s no direct integration with the stitch, although you could probably use echo as a “man in the middle”.

My own preference for a similar device would be to get the Zwave double switch from the smartest house. It has two independently controlled Z wave outlets with energy monitoring, plus one USB outlet which you can’t control but will give you an energy status so you know when the device plugged into it is fully charged. And it costs a dollar less than the monoprice Wi-Fi stitch. So full integration, a dollar less, a better protocol. It does mean giving up the second USB port, though.



Yea, I was actually looking at this:

To minimize the “junk” at a specific outlet. But this would work even better (no dongles hanging off the wall):

Stitch is Still WiFi, though. And no SmartThings integration.

I expect to see more of zwave devices in a similar style to the stitches come out in the next six months as the ST models get completed. I think there’s one due soon from Inovelli, for example. So it’s up to you whether you want to wait or not.

BTW, most home Wi-Fi routers can only handle about 30 devices. That includes everything, streaming box, game player, phones, tablets, and any Home automation devices. Professional models might be able to handle more, but cost a lot more, too. Zwave hubs max out at 232, but typically cost less, use a lot less energy to run, and aren’t competing with your other Wi-Fi devices. So that’s just something to be aware of as well.

I know- this was why I started this thread. I know other Wifi devices can work (WeMo) for example. I was just wondering if anyone took a look.

I don’t see anything comparable from Inovelli. But yea, if there as an inwall outlet with a usb (or two) outlets that one can control via Zwave that would nice (Note: Zwave just for A/C outlet… not needed for USB)


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There’s no single command communication standard for Wi-Fi the way there is for Z wave. So each manufacturer makes up their own command codes. Wi-Fi devices that do have SmartThings integration like LIFX mean either the manufacturer has shared the codes with SmartThings to create an official integration, or a community member has cracked the code, or there’s some third-party integration, typically through IFTTT.

That’s why you just have to check on each brand/model individually to see if anybody has an integration working. Which this thread will do. :sunglasses:

But the fact that WeMo works doesn’t tell you anything about any other Wi-Fi device because there’s no standardization.

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I know- but this is why I’m here asking… has anyone looked at these new(ish?) devices.

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Inovelli has a whole new model line coming out this year.


Any details on these? I could theoretically wait for it…’

EDIT: I should read the posted link first…

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I tagged @Eric_Inovelli , so we’ll see what he’s willing to reveal. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the tag @JDRoberts! We don’t have a receptacle in the pipeline as of now but if we see enough demand, why not? :smiley:

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Hey @JDRoberts and @Matthew_McClintock - this is definitely a cool product and couldn’t have come at a better time. We are, in fact coming out with an In-Wall outlet line and I had considered adding USB ports to it as I think it’s an awesome idea.

The problem we ran into last year when we explored it was that it was simply too bulky. However, we’ve switched to a new manufacturer who has way more experience developing products and also with the launch of the 700 Series Z-Wave module, we may be able to pull this off.

Question for you:

  • If there was a dual outlet, would you prefer it to be 1 Smart Outlet + 1 Smart USB or 2 Smart Outlets?

Would be awesome if we could have a triple smart outlet lol (a guy can dream, can’t he?)

Edit: I know what’s coming next… When will these be launched haha.

We’re almost there in Series A fundraising and should be wrapping it up in Feb (maybe sooner) and once that’s done it’s go for launch. Right now, we have Outlets scheduled to launch in June after our Remotes in May (switches in March/April). Going to be an amazing year, I can promise you that!


I think 1 smart outlet and normal USBs would even be useful.

If you can add 2 smart outlet’s and normal USBs would be better.

Finally, smart USB is really not as interesting as those are usually charging type devices so we don’t need to control those… but again… maybe there is a market for 1 smart outlet and 1 smart usb.

There are some sensors which can be USB powered, but, yes, I agree most people aren’t looking to turn a USB port on and off. Although the feature that lets you know if the device is fully charged is pretty cool, because then you could get a notification.

But in general, I agree that what people are looking for in an in wall receptacle is two independently controlled outlets and one or two dumb USB ports.

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Major bonus points if the USB port is fast charging!

@JDRoberts I am definitely interested in dual control outlets with USB. So if you hear that these are hitting the market soon, please let me know.

Controllable USB ports or dumb USB ports?

Pocket socket or inwall receptacle?

Independently controlled sockets, dumb USB ports, inwall receptacle, SmartThings compatible.

I bought and installed two of these. One was faulty and I had to send it back. Yes, you can control them with Alexa and the SmartLife app. But SmartThings will not recognize them and therefore I cannot use webcore with them.

You should be able to use virtual switches as proxies and use IFTTT for that one. That usually works pretty well for on/off sockets because they don’t get turned off at the wall.

Or you could use an Echo routine (not a SmartThings routine) in much the same way.

But I don’t know of anything that fits those exact specifics.

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You wizard! I hadn’t even considered that.

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It’s in the FAQ… :sunglasses: