Still using Rule Machine. What is out and better now?

I am still using Rule Machine for most of my automations but find a lot failing lately. What are you guys using now to create complex rules?

Rule Machine for SmartThings was discontinued three years ago, I didn’t think it still worked. :disappointed_relieved:

There is a rule machine for Hubitat, but then you should be asking on the Hubitat forum.

If you have a smartThings hub, then most people moved on from Rule machine to Webcore.

FAQ: What is WebCoRE? (And what was CoRE?)

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Yes I still have Smartthings hub and was looking for last ditch effort to keep from buying a Hubitat. The old Rule Machine does work but I find I have to go into the rules often and save them to kickstart them when they stop working. I will check out Webcore. Thanks for the info.

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Rule machine still works. Code is still good. User here too. Although most stuff duplicated in WebCoRE.

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I finally migrated my last items out of Rule Machine to WebCore a few months ago since they started to fail occasionally. Good luck!

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Thanks. That is what I am seeing also!!

webCoRE is used and loved by many. It should be stock.


I have started migrating a lot of item out of Rule Machine already and I must say that it is working a lot better. Motion activated lights are turning on instantaneously now.

I just need to figure out my way around the forum and find some of the pistons people have already written.

Head over to the official webCoRE forum. Lots of great stuff! However, as long as you understand the logic, building your own Pistons is simple enough. What examples are you looking for?