Still can't create a pause between actions

(Jim) #1

Hello, I created a very basic piston to try to create 2 actions with a pause between them. Take a look and tell me what I need to do to fix this…

When I trigger the motion detector, I get a text saying ‘first’ and within a second or two, another text saying 'second’
What I want is a text saying ‘first’ and THEN getting a text a minute later saying ‘second’.

My ‘Then’ state has 3 items and the piston is apparently initiating all three tasks almost simultaneously.

What am I missing? I have tried different types of pistons with basically the same result… Frustrating! Is it even possible to make a SINGLE ‘Then’ Statement that looks something like

->Send SMS #1 -> Wait 1 minute -> Send SMS #2

For those who have followed my posts, I need to initiate a garage door and then WAIT 10 to 15 seconds while the door eiter closes or fails to make the next evaluation.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Where do I go to learn more about CoRE Pistons?
TIA -jim

(jkp) #2

Instead of the 3 “Using Location…” go down to 1.

Using location…
Send SMS notification blah blah blah
Wait 1 minutes
Send SMS notification blah blah blah

(Dustin Clark) #3

For your viewing pleasure! @jkp is correct and this is how to solve it.

(Jim) #4

What do you mean ‘go down to 1’?

You wrote:

Using location…
Send SMS notification blah blah blah
Wait 1 minutes
Send SMS notification blah blah blah

Isn’t that the same as mine?

(jkp) #5

yours used three separate using location

Using location…
Send SMS notification blah blah blah

Using location…
Wait 1 minutes

Using location…
Send SMS notification blah blah blah

( I hate Mondays) #6

What he means is instead of having three actions with one task each, use one action with three tasks.

(Jim) #7


OK, starting to get it… I scrolled down a bit and found ‘add a task’

Now I am getting what I want… at least in this case. Thanks again, now on to the next problem :^)


Yup, tasker isn’t easy to grasp at first, second or third lol. But when you take time to think logically it just unfolds before you! It has taken months to get my bathroom lights to automate exactly how I want. I have it wait some time if there’s no motion, then set the light level to 2% for 10 seconds (warning is gonna turn off) during which if motion resumes it goes back to its previous level, but if no motion of turns off. I’ve gotten it working consistently now and while it was a pain to learn it has allowed me to further understand the logic of how core works. It’s very powerful!

(Ton) #9

What if I want 3 different actions to be executed one after the other, not at the same time?

( I hate Mondays) #10

In CoRE all actions are async (they do not wait on previous ones). Due to how CoRE preschedules action, there is no way to have them wait after another one, unless you manually add waits to the second and third actions to make the sync with the previous action’s total duration.

webCoRE changed that and by default all actions are synchronous, meaning they wait on all previous ones. You do have an option to make certain actions async, so webCoRE can simulate CoRE’s behavior, but not the other way around.

(Ryan) #11

I’m trying to make a piston that has several different ‘with’ statements within a single ‘then’ statement. Each ‘with’ statement causes a single light to turn on, then wait a random time, then turn off, etc.

Trying to understand the Async setting: I understand that each ‘wait’ statement delays the next action within the ‘with’ statement. If I make each ‘with’ statement async, does this allow all the ‘with’ statements to run at the same time? That is, if I’ve got 4 ‘with’ statements, each controlling a different light, will all the lights be turning on an off, based on their random wait times, at the same time?

I’m trying to make the house look occupied while away…